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The world has tremendous need for solutions to problems related to the environment, energy, health, food, and sustainability. Biological systems are related to or at the heart of all of these issues. A biological engineer learns to design and analyze biological systems to develop innovative and practical solutions.


BioEnvironmental engineering:这门跨学科的集中课程为学生提供了必要的生物学、微生物学和工艺工程技能,以解决具有挑战性的环境设计问题,并在环境和生物加工工程方面开设了专门的专题,以集中研究其毕业生的技能。


细胞和生物分子工程:This emerging field is expected to rapidly advance and open opportunities in biomanufacturing, drug design, human therapeutics, tissue and organ regeneration, bioenergy and biofuel production, bioremediation, and biodefense.

Food process engineering:这是一个跨学科的领域,应用基础科学、数学和工程学,通过各种加工步骤将农产品转化为食用食品和生物材料。

Pharmaceutical process engineering:本课程旨在为毕业生提供独特的技能和工作机会,使他们能够在制药行业的各个阶段发挥作用,包括研究、产品和工艺开发、加工工程、制造和营销。

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Biological Engineering is a major within the Agricultural and Biological Engineering (ABE) Department. ABE grants degrees in both the College of Agriculture and the College of Engineering. Biological Engineering is a degree granted in the College of Engineering, and there are multiple entry paths for students who are interested in ABE majors.

First-time college students may apply to Biological Engineering in the College of Agriculture (where they would begin in the pre-ABE program) or they may select First-Year Engineering in the College of Engineering (where they would begin in the First-Year Engineering program). The first-year curriculum is the same for each path.

Transfer students who have fulfilled thefirst-year requirements本工程课程的主要内容可直接应用于农学院生物工程专业。

Note: The First-Year Engineering Program is the entry point for all beginning engineering students. They must complete theFirst-Year Engineering requirements在进入工科学校之前。这个以学生为中心的服务项目的任务是为普渡大学的学生提供建议、教学和留住优秀的学生工程学院。这个核心课程包括数学课程,chemistry, physics, computer programming, and communication skills, as well as introductory engineering coursework taught in the new创新理念(i2i)学习实验室. 第一年工程计划为学生提供了坚实的基础和对工程和职业选择的初步理解,以帮助他们识别Purdue的哪一个。工程学科is the right fit. Our professional academic advisors, faculty and student advisors are dedicated to assisting beginning engineers with the first-year experience.



Engelberth teaches classes in both ABE and Environmental and Ecological Engineering (EEE) in the College of Engineering. Her teaching and research focus on renewable resources and making use of waste products from biorefineries, which process vegetation to procure ingredients for various products.


"I know I understand concepts better if they are put into a relatable context," Engelberth said. "I really strive to give students 'real world' examples of problems similar to the assignments and projects."

Part of Engelberth's philosophy is to emphasize to students the importance of putting in the hours and work needed to get the full benefit from their time at Purdue. When she mentors students, she cautions them not to spread themselves too thin in extracurricular activities. She also shares this philosophy when leading professional development seminars for graduate students.


"I enjoy that 'aha moment' when I am teaching," she said. "It's great when you are working with a student on something and they just aren't understanding it, so you have to figure out a different way to explain things. Often you can see that moment in their eyes when they just get it. I think that is really great."


Most important to Engelberth is that her students come away from her courses confident and ready to improve the world around them.



Plan of Study



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  • 新食品和生物医药产品的研发
  • 药品、食品和生物制品的生产、包装和分销系统的开发和运营
  • 食品/生物/制药生产工艺的设计和安装
  • Design and operation of environmentally responsible systems, energy, and products
  • 为制造厂提供市场和技术支持
  • 设计、分析、营销、销售、工程和管理咨询方面的商业/行业职位