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Our students arepersistent。They driveinnovation

The story of Purdue University is a powerful one.

With 150 years of history and legions of talented and successful alumni, students, and faculty members, we have a rich legacy of impact. In the sciences, the arts and humanities, athletics, and nearly every other field of human achievement, it's no exaggeration to say that Purdue has shaped the world.

Are you ready to become a锅炉?

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Scroll down to explore our many virtual experiences designed specifically for you - students and families exploring higher education.

Office of Admissions Visit Opportunities

Parents and student can register for an in-person Campus Tour, a Virtual Campus Tour, or a Virtual Information Session below.

Join the Office of Admissions and student ambassadors as they host our on-campus tour and our Virtual Daily Visit events!

Join us for a student-led panel!

The Office of Admissions and student ambassadors from our academic colleges and schools are holding four panels within the next few weeks to learn about campus experiences and life from students that are part of underrepresented minority populations (URM). These panels will last for an hour, with students sharing their personal experiences followed by a Q&A. We are so excited to have you join in our conversation!


Oct. 27 Nov. 7 Nov. 16


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Beginner’s Guide to Purdue

让我们通过基础知识 - 了解如何申请,了解财务援助所需的,并在提交申请后看到了什么。

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Purdue Lore


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The College of Agriculture is rolling out the (virtual) red carpet! Take a look at the variety of unique virtual experiences they're offering below. If you'd like to participate in one (or both), click the "Sign Up" button below to register.

Virtual Q + A的虚拟旅游体验

Join Purdue Agriculture staff members and student ambassadors for a virtual tour around the Agriculture campus! Bring your questions as they show you around campus in a Zoom video call.Summer tours will be held at 10:30 a.m. and 2:30 pm. (Eastern) Tuesdays and Thursdays. Register for yours today!

Virtual Meetings with Academic Departments

Advisors, staff and faculty from the following departments are willing to meet with you virtually:

  • Agricultural & Biological Engineering
  • Agricultural Economics
  • Agricultural Sciences Education & Communication
  • 农艺学
  • Animal Sciences
  • Biochemistry
  • Botany & Plant Pathology
  • Entomology (Insect Biology)
  • Food Science
  • 林业与自然资源
  • 园艺和景观建筑
  • 自然资源与环境科学
  • Pre-Veterinary Medicine
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College of Education

Learn more about the College of Education and find out if it's the right fit for you!

关注他们Instagram要么FaceBookto see what they and their current students are up to!

You can also attend one of their upcomingVirtual Information Sessions:

  • 3月10日星期三

  • Wednesday, March 31

  • Wednesday, April 21

所有这些会议开始于下午6:00(est)。使用 ”了解更多!"button below to register for the virtual session on these days!

Interested in attending one of our Virtual Visits? You can also register for these using the "了解更多!“按钮下面。


Become a Teacher Day is coming up! This event centers around helping prospective teachers learn more about their field and how Purdue can help you acheive your dreams!

Explore More Here!


The Office of Future Engineers in the College of Engineering is committed to doing everything they can to find alternatives for students who want to learn more about campus and available programs, but may not be able to visit campus. Check out the page below to explore the variety of alternate visit opportunities they have available to you.


Exploratory Studies


探索性研究是提供动手,一对一的个人关注所有好奇的学生和家人。看看可用的约会 - 找到最适合您的日期和时间,并获得所有问题的回答!


College of Health & Human Sciences

Purdue’s College of Health and Human Sciences has created an exciting “HHS Virtual” webpage where you can explore major options through one-on-one or group virtual appointments; learn more about nursing at Purdue through a Nursing Information Session; and learn more about the college from recruitment staff and HHS Student Ambassadors!


College of Liberal Arts

Explore what it means to be a Liberal Arts Boilermaker!

The College of Liberal Arts invites you to schedule a visit, either on-campus or virtually, where you can discover how over 40 Liberal Arts majors can align your passions and interests into succesful career goals! Want more individualized attention? Click on the"Register Now"下面按钮开始

In the meantime,看看我们的digital brochure和watch“Explore Our Majors”, a short video that will help you explore the many opportunities that await you as a Liberal Arts Boilermaker!

此外,请务必在Instagram上遵循Purdue Libal艺术(@purdueliberalarts) and Twitter (@purduelibarts.)听取当前的学生和校友分享他们的校友“Why Purdue” Liberal Artsstories.

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Krannert School of Management


Join us for a livevirtual panel discussion with current students。It's an opportunity to meet our students and hear about their experiences studying business at Purdue. Topics of conversation will include classes, clubs, and student life!

Register Feb. 9

你也可以参加一个Virtual Krannert Information Session了解本科的程序。保持Mondays at 4 p.m.,Wednesdays at noon and Thursdays at 7 p.m. EST, these sessions last about 45 minutes. There is time for Q&A afterward with a current student and staff member. Or, explore ourVirtual Krannert webpageanytime to learn about majors, meet students and view past live events.

Register Now!

College of Pharmacy



Purdue Polytechnic Institute

Bring your innovation, creativity and problem-solving skills to the Polytechnic. This is where Purdue does technology!

Learn more about the unique educational approach the Polytechnic uses in the 30+ majors of their six academic areas – computing and graphics, aviation, construction, technology leadership and education, and engineering technologies – and review their degree programs in high-demand career fields. Register for one of theirVIRTUAL信息会议so you can finally find the major that matches your passions and career goals! They host these sessions everyMondayThursday, and onWednesdays every other week


You can also explore all of their majors, review recent graduates outcome data and download materials from their Prospective Student page这里

Minority Technology Association- 加入理工学院研究所Minority Technology Association将与学生联系起来,帮助您建立您的支持,网络机会和技术成功!随意联系本组织的官员,您可能会有任何疑问!

Register for Virtual Info Session


7 departments, 40+ degree programs, and enormous possibilities

Purdue的科学学院将明亮的思想转变为辉煌的亮度,谁将改变下一个世纪的科学和技术。化学家 - 植物学家,数据科学家 - 物理学家数学家 - 地球科学家 - 普渡科学生将他们的兴趣结合在7个高度排名的各部门的40多个学位计划中。


Down to a Science

Bands & Orchestra

Want to learn more about Purdue Bands & Orchestras?

招聘和通信专家,凯特琳愿意与您“见面”。“联系”以设置一个关键呼叫或虚拟会议,别忘了遵循Purdue Bands&OrchestraInstagramfor Student Ambassador Takeovers!

Get Connected

Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program

Entrepreneurship for all majors!


点击下面的链接了解how this program might fit with your major andMORE!


Join the Entrepreneurship Program for Virtual Q&A Sessions via live Zoom video conferencing held Mondays at 11a.m. and Thursdays at 7p.m. EST now through May 3, 2021. Click on the link below to register via email today.

Register Here!



我们很高兴通过放大宣布新的虚拟咨询机会。辅导员将在下面列出的日期和时间提供,并会愉快地“访问”。只需在约会时间内单击链接,并弹出到我们的虚拟大厅中。主机将使您进入一个虚拟咨询室,您可以在那里私下与经济援助辅导员私下交谈。没有预约是必要的 - 只需停下来,即在方便的时候。我们期待为您在这个新环境中为您服务。

Monday-Friday from 12 pm to 4 pm


Note:All times listed are Eastern DST.

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Live & Learn - Together!

The Purdue Honors College is a residential college that seeks to educate the whole student and bridge the gap between curricular and extracurricular learning. We wholeheartedly believe that课堂以外的时间持有随着人物的时代的个人成长的机会。荣誉大学希望吸引希望成为各种学者社区的一部分的好奇,有动力和专门的学生。



Register Here!


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Purdue Musical Organizations

Do you love to sing or ring handbells? Keep performing at Purdue!

连接普渡音乐组织Facebook,Instagram, learn more about the vocal music department at Purdue University!

For more information about the virtual audition process,。PMO招聘总监Jeff Vallier可用于回答试镜的问题。直接联系提出问题并了解有关PMO的更多信息!

University Residences & Dining

Where you choose to live plays an integral role in your college experience.

Purdue University Residences provide an environment that will make you feel right at home and, at the same time, right in the middle of campus life!

They offer a wide variety ofhousing choices,dining services, 和更多!


大学居民直播 - 潜在学生住房介绍

会见和听到来自房屋管理员s regarding living and dining on campus for 2021-2022. Participants will be able to speak with and ask questions of several different housing and residential life staff members. These presentations will be presented over Zoom. If you are unable to join by web, please email Randi Purvis atpurvisr@purdue.eduto request call-in information.

Nov 11:Purdue Student Life is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

主题:大学居民直播 - 潜在学生住房介绍

时间:11月11日,2020年10月10-11:00 AM东部时间(美国和加拿大)

Passcode: BoilerUp

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Nov 12:Purdue Student Life is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

主题:大学居民直播 - 潜在学生住房介绍

Time: Nov 12, 2020 2-3:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Passcode: BoilerUp

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11月19日:Purdue Student Life is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

主题:大学居民直播 - 潜在学生住房介绍

Time: Nov 19, 2020 2-3:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Passcode: BoilerUp

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12月1日:Purdue Student Life is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

主题:大学居民直播 - 潜在学生住房介绍

Time: Dec 1, 2020 10-11:00 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Passcode: BoilerUp

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Persistent Pursuit of the Next Giant Leap


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On-Campus Housing & Must-See Locations!


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Purdue's 12th President, Mitch Daniels, Jr. is committed to keeping lines of communication open and honest with students and families.


Take a "walk" all across our campus and stop along the way to check out photos, videos and 360-degree images of the places that interest you the most!