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You may transfer an unlimited number of college credits to Purdue but must earn at least 32 Purdue credits to earn a degree from the University.

There are a variety of ways you may earn Purdue credit for previous work.

  1. 作为大学生的课程
    When you are admitted to Purdue as a degree-seeking student, Purdue's Credit Evaluation Department will evaluate your official college transcripts for possible transfer credit. The evaluation will be available in your application portal. To be transferable, coursework must meet the following criteria:


    等效的信用转移完全。如果它不等于普通课程,它将转移为“未分配”,可以根据您的普渡学术部门自行决定使用。你可以使用纯粹的纯粹转移等效自助服务tool to see how your previous college coursework would transfer based on the plan of study for your major. SeeUnderstanding Your Credit Evaluation Report

  2. Dual/Concurrent or Early College Credit Earned in High School
    You may earn Purdue credit from dual or concurrent high school coursework (courses you took in high school that also counted toward college credit – includingPurdue自己的双重信用计划)。为了评估可能的普渡学分,我们必须从学院或大学提供课程的官方成绩单;我们无法使用您的高中成绩单奖励普渡贷款信贷。

    信贷earned throughPurdue的双重信用计划已经存在于您的Purdue学生记录(无需提交成绩单)。

  3. 测试中的信用
    有各种国家,国际和纯粹的特定测试机会,您可以获得Purdue Credit。其中包括大学董事会的AP计划,国际学士学位,A级等。查看更多信息Purdue Credit through Testingsection below.

  4. Military Experience
    您可以获得大学信贷的现役军务。看看Military Experiencesection below.

We must have official transcripts with final grades to award credit (not copied, scanned, faxed or sent from a personal email). Transcripts must be provided by the college or university that administered the coursework. We cannot use high school transcripts to award credit for dual/concurrent credit courses. Coursework taken at a Purdue regional campus or as part of Purdue's dual credit program is already on your student record (no need to submit a transcript).

How to submit transcripts*:

  • 通过电子抄本服务(联系您所机构的注册办公室)。这是最快,最有效的方法。采用招生至对于需要电子邮件地址的电子抄本服务。不要使用普渡员工的个人电子邮件地址。
  • Mailed to Purdue from the institution that administered the course:
    475 Stadium Mall Dr.
    West, Lafayette, IN 47907
  • 亲自送到机构文具的密封信封中的招生办公室。
  • Do not send duplicate copies via different methods.


There are two online tools you may use to determine how credit may transfer to Purdue:

  1. PUTDUE转移等效自助服务— allows you to enter all of your previous college coursework to receive a comprehensive report that includes the credit you will receive toward the degree plan for your desired Purdue major as well as the courses you must still take to earn the Purdue degree.
  2. 转移信用Course Equivalency Guide— allows you to look up courses one by one to determine how they might transfer to Purdue. You should use this tool along with the您所需专业的学习计划to assess how previous college credit may apply to your desired major.

There are multiple ways you might earn Purdue credit based on scores from testing services:


  • Purdue Core Curriculum— a set of common learning outcomes required of all Purdue undergraduate students. In some cases, transfer courses may be used to satisfy specific learning outcomes.
  • Indiana Core Transfer Library (CTL)- 所有印第安纳州公立学院和大学之间的课程清单。
  • 国家转让一般教育核心(STGEC)- 印第安纳州公共机构所需的核心学生能力和结果。已成功完成一家印第安纳机构的核心要求的学生如果转移,则不需要在另一个机构完成。各种课程可以满足特定的核心要求,以及是否满足要求,可能与学生仍然必须在PUTDUE完成的课程独立。
  • 纯粹关节(转让)协议— Purdue transfer agreements with other institutions.
  • 印第安纳转让单一关节途径(TSAP) - 选定专业学生的计划可以在印第安纳州社区学院的副学士完成副学位,并在印第安纳州的一家四年公立大学转移到一个相关领域,其中汇票员工的学分将适用于学士学位。

Military veterans or active duty personnel with six months to one year of military service will receive four hours of undistributed credit. Those with at least one year will receive eight hours of undistributed credit. You must provide your DD-214 (or an LES, if still active duty) to earn credit.


看到信贷Through Testingsection above for information about DSST, UExcel and other credit through testing.

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